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Model/Photo credit: Sammi H.

Untamed lifestyle grants have helped our followers achieve some of the greatest feats never recorded, helped them learn about themselves, and most importantly gave them the chance to accomplish things they never thought they could do!

This year we set out to inspire and empower our fans to create their own Untamed experiences throughout the year. You decide what that experience will be and Untamed is ready to provide the means to make your adventure (whatever it is) a reality.

Who will win the Untamed lifestyle grant is an open question, but this voter's choice competition suggests that he or she will most certainly use this opportunity to do something extraordinary.

How it works

Untamed will be kicking off it's lifestyle grant competition with the question- What Untamed adventure do you yearn for? Anyone with a great answer can submit a video response to enter for a chance to win the grant. The Untamed brand defines itself by encouraging it's fans to live an Untamed life, and this contest has proven to be a fitting extension of that message, giving adventurers a chance to fund their most passionate ideas.

More Details coming soon!