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What is the Untamed Corporate Club?

Helping professionals get back to what they love with peace of mind knowing that we will do all the legwork to make their business successful. We Offer concierge services for those that need help on the ground and social club for those that want to broaden their horizons on the internet.

What can Untamed Corporate Club offer me?


* Guest services: Trained to be the first impression guests have of your company

*Message center: Streamlines mail and communications.

* Venue Management & Event Planning:Helps to plan and host office parties to corporate-wide conventions from invitations to clean up

* Website Design and Management:Provides web hosting as well as design advice to better cater to your target audience.

*Corporate Newsletters and Brochures: Works with you to provide company-wide information

*Corporate Gift Programs: Rely on our concierge professionals to expertly select client and employee gifts appropriate for every occasion.

*Company Store Management:Works to promote your brand via promotional merchandise, both in-store and online.

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!! Please ask one of our corporate concierge team members about all the services we have to offer!


* Exclusive events geared toward expanding your network with prime contacts.

* Soft sell campaigns to help build your brand

* Affiliate programs

* Directing traffic to your pages

* Brand amplification in the social sphere

* Strategic brand visibility

* Contact aquisition

* Strategized partnership introductions

* Social Media Management

* Client relations management

* Tourism information

* Holiday and seasonal assistance

Please talk to one of social club team members for more information on how you can participate in our social club events and services.


Our dedication to innovation and hospitatlity defines us. Nothing is more important to our team than our client relationships.


We put our clients first

We adhere to the highest ethical standards

We deliver professionalism

We nurture development and growth

We expand networks and opportunities

We maintain long-term relationships

We are always perfecting our expertise